Hey, everyone! I am applying to Chapman University’s film production program for the 2016 school year and was required to create a video as a part of my portfolio. Chapman Dodge College of Film and Media Arts provided a prompt that asked students to submit a self-introductory video without appearing in it in any way. I hope you enjoy. If you have any comments or constructive criticism, I’d love to hear it. Comment below!

Song: Pride by Keith Kenniff


3 thoughts on “Fragments

  1. WOW Robin…I commented on this one.  Well done!!  You’ll get in with this one… Uncle Mike P.S., sorry I didn’t make it out last week, I will try again in Jan!!   


  2. This is absolutely amazing Robin! You’re such a talented artist and I can’t wait till the whole world knows as well as I do.
    (P.S. the Air Force should pay you and use this as their commercial XD)


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