Three Days in Beijing

I recently traveled to Beijing, China on a three day tour and had the most amazing time! Since the tour was so short, our group was constantly on the go, driving all around the massive city of Beijing from 8 AM to 10 PM, stopping at many historical and cultural sites. Although it was a whirlwind of a trip, we were able to hit most of the big tourist destinations and also some of the lesser known gems. We watched an acrobatic show, walked along the Great Wall of China (It was so much steeper than I thought it would be!) ,toured both a jade and silk factory, and went to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, Wangfujing Night Market, and the Bird’s Nest where the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony was held! In three days, we were able to see many sites in Beijing, but there is still so much to explore there. I only hope I can go back someday to this fascinating city.


5 thoughts on “Three Days in Beijing

    • Wow, three weeks in China sounds amazing! Three days was definitely a nice little taste of Beijing though! 🙂 And no, we were not on the Badaling pass of the Wall. We were on the Juyongguan pass. And WordPress in Beijing-I’m not sure about that.


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