Playtime: Visit to the Korean Orphanage

Since moving to Korea, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at a Korean orphanage on a monthly basis. It has been such a great experience and joy to hang out with the children. Each time we visit, we start by having lunch with everyone. The staff prepares several traditional Korean dishes and we bring pizza and sweets (which is always a big treat for the kids)! Afterwards, we make fun crafts with the kids (cotton ball snowmen, paper bag hand puppets, origami butterflies, etc. ). Last weekend, with the weather finally starting to warm up, we went outside with the kids! We played frisbee, soccer, and drew with sidewalk chalk.

Although I expend a lot of energy visiting with all of the energetic children, I always leave with a big smile on my face. Their positivity and energy always leave me thinking how lucky I am to see these cool kids every month.


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