The Great American Cross Country Road Trip

Before we moved to Korea, we had to drive across the country to Seattle, Washington for our flight to Korea. We decided to make this drive an epic two week trip, stopping at places we had never visited before. The first major place we stopped was Nashville, Tennessee…

We walked around at night, listening to country music from bars and exploring the city. I’ve never seen so many cowboy boots and hats in my life. Our next major stop was in Keystone, South Dakota. Having never been there, I was amazed by how clear the skies were. The night sky is beautiful and has the most stars I’ve ever seen in one night. My dad and I spent an hour just looking up at the stars, taking pictures of them and trying to make them look even half as good as they do in real life.

The next day, we drove a short 15 minutes to Mount Rushmore. When we saw it, we were surprised at how large the monument truly is! We took a few quick snaps and then we were on the road again. The rest of the day was uneventful, but towards the end, steam started rising from the hood of our Jeep! Our car was broken and at the time it seemed like there was no fixing it. Soon after it broke, a tow truck came and towed it away to the mechanic.

The next morning, we waited to hear if the car could be fixed. The whole time we were waiting, I was a nervous wreck! We were supposed to be driving that day and then arrive in Utah that night. We had only planned two days there and I wanted to be there the whole time. At 1 PM, we found out the car was fixed. By 2 PM we were on the road, but now we were several hours behind schedule. I was so determined to get to Utah by the next morning and my dad amazingly got us there by 4 AM. We had a night of little sleep, having woken up at 8 AM to meet some friends.

Over the next two days, adrenaline was the only thing that kept me going. I had an incredible time with my friends, who I hadn’t since I had moved to South Carolina. Luckily, it felt like I had never left! We goofed off and were completely crazy just like we were a year ago!

Two days later we arrived in Washington. I had a fantastic time catching up with my relatives and enjoying the wonderful state that I love so much! We had a family party, went river rafting, vistited Snoqualmie Falls, and went to Victoria, Canada for a day.

It was definitely an epic trip. 1 car. 2 cats. 3 people. 4 time zones. 5 rainstorms. 6 RV parks. 7 major cities. 8 tourist sites. 9 nights. 10 days. 11 trips to Starbucks. 12 hours a day. 13 states. 3,300 miles.


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