Sunrise Surf

The past year I lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We were lucky enough to be only a 15 minute drive from the beach. While living there, my dad and I decided to start surfing…

(We had surfed several times before in Long Beach, Washington. Every year, our whole family gets together and spends a week at the Long Beach Kite Festival.) We bought a surfboard for each of us and after that we were hooked! We would spend hours each weekend surfing. Our favorite surf spot was Garden City Beach, South Carolina. We lived in Myrtle Beach for only 10 short months and about a month before my family relocated (this time in South Korea), I decided I wanted to get pictures of me surfing since it had become one of my passions.

The waves turned out to be flat the morning of the shoot, but I had great fun just sitting on my board in the ocean watching the sun rise, listening to the seagulls fly above me, and surveying the calm and empty beach. After getting some pictures in the water, I paddled back in and wrapped myself tightly in my blanket, trying to shield myself from the biting winds. After I had dried off, we took a few more pictures on the beach and then we drove five minutes to our favorite surf store, Village Surf Shoppe. The building is really unique and has a painting of a surfer riding a wave, a girl in a bikini, a guy holding up a peace sign, and a surf van.

Later that day while I was looking at the pictures we had taken, I realized what a beautiful place I lived in and how lucky I was to have the opportunity to watch the sun rise from the ocean every day.


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